Updated! Windows Phone 7 Jump Start (Session 1 of 19): Introduction

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This introductory session covers the Windows Phone 7 Overview, the Developer and the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, options, how to become a developer, setting up your system, and an intro to creating Windows Phone applications.

The Windows Phone 7 Jump Start video training is for all developers interested in developing applications or games for the new Windows Phone 7 Platform. The ~14 ½ hour course is based on the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Developer Training Kit and taught by Microsoft MVP's and Microsoft Press Authors, Andy Wigley and Rob S. Miles.  The Designing for Windows Phone 7 session is taught by Microsoft Design experts, Jon Harris and Bryan Agnetta.  The training is wrapped up with an audio podcast with a panel of Microsoft experts answering the questions posed throughout the training.

Watch these entertaining sessions and complete the labs found on Channel 9 (https://channel9.msdn.com/learn/courses/WP7TrainingKit/) to gain development skills using both Microsoft XNA and Microsoft Silverlight.

For copies of the student files and links to demo code, you can go to the Windows Phone 7 Born To Learn Forum (http://borntolearn.mslearn.net/wp7/m/default.aspx).

Updated! Session 1: Introduction
Session 2: Building a Silverlight Application, Part 1
Session 3: Building a Silverlight Application, Part 2
Updated! Session 4: The Application Bar
Session 5: Building XNA Games for the Windows Phone 7 Platform, Part 1
Session 6: Building XNA Games for the Windows Phone 7 Platform, Part 2
Updated! Session 7: Isolation Storage
Updated! Session 8: The Application Lifecycle
Updated! Session 9: Launchers and Choosers
Updated! Session 10: Push Notifications
Session 11: Marketing your Windows Phone Applications
Session 12: Working with Media

New Sessions:
Session 13: Panorama and Pivots
Session 14: XNA Deep Dive, Part 1
Session 15: XNA Deep Dive, Part 2
Session 16: Location and Bing Maps
Session 17: Optimizing for Performance
Session 18: Designing Apps Using Expression Blend & Metro
Session 19: Ask the Experts podcast



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The Discussion

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    Thanks for getting these videos posted so soon after the sessions! Really great stuff and I'm only through 3 of the 12.

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    Thanks for the sessions. I´m very hopeful with wp7.

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    Very Nice Introduction !!!


    Rob and Andy, thank you for keeping the Content very Specific and Interesting all throughout..





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    Hi All

    Thanks for this great Info



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    What about VB.NET ????


    You talk about managed code, .NET, etc. but you only mention C#.


    Unhappy VB'er here - please clarify!


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    I am not getting any Audio in these videos. Yesterday (08/18/2010) I was able to watch these videos with out any problem.




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    There is no code in the video.  You'll want to skip at least 22 minutes in to avoid the blather.  Hopefully the next sections will actually get into something not aimed at marketing people.

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    Hi. I think that you can run managed assemblies from any language. Take a look here for someone who seems to have got VB (among other things) on the phone:





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    Really loving the presentations but I have a simple dumb question about WP7 and the 'app store'.  If I write an app and want to run it on *my own* device without any interference / review from Microsoft and without the need to pay $100 per year, am I able to do this?


    If the answer is "No", sorry but I really think this is a failure.  The same issue applies to XNA on Xbox 360.  I paid for a Creators Club licence for 3 years (£180) and spent a year [elapsed] building a game, purely for the fun of coding / learning.  Now I can't run *my own* game on *my own* console because I don't have a current Creators Club licence.


    Please tell me that I can side-load apps I've built onto *my own* device.  I'm a professional software developer and hobbyist Android developer and the ability to spin up Eclipse and push some code onto *any device* is awesome.  $100 doesn't sound like a huge amount and I do appreciate that the tools are free but you must appreciate that this will be a barrier for casual / hobbyist developers if they can't show off their own work and generate buzz around WP7.



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    It would be a bummer if a developer will not be able to install his/her creations on to personal phone, without paying a fee.

    I understand that virtual machine for WP7 works great, but usability is better tested on a device itself, especially when you don't need to pay money for that.

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    I'm afraid that you do have to pay for the ability to put programs onto your phone. Unless you are student, in which case your Dreamspark membership will give you entry to Windows Phone marketplace and the ability to load your progarms onto hardware.


    I don't work for Microsoft as such, and I've no real insight into their policies on this, but they seem quite sensible to me, in that if everyone could put programs on any device then this would remove the need to buy them. Folks could just pass their programs around and create a "marketplace underworld" where anything goes, rogue programs can't be told from proper ones and nobody can make any money from the platform. What they have done strikes me as the "least worst" option, and is in line with market practice. It is only the price of a couple of video games after all...


    On thing I would love to see (and which may come along in time anyway) is an alignment of the Creators Club with Windows Marketplace so that one fee gets you access to both. Perhaps that will come in the future.



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    OK, found this information here:


    How do I install applications on my device? 
    Applications will automatically be installed when downloaded from Marketplace. 

    Can I manually install applications without using the Marketplace? 
    No, "side-loading" applications is not permitted.  The only way to get released applications on your device is through Marketplace.

    How can I test my application on a device if I can't install it? 
    As a registered developer with Marketplace, you will be able to register a number of devices that you can directly deploy your application to for testing. It is not necessary to publish your application to Marketplace just to test it. 

    My application is for my company / specific group of people only, how do I distribute the app only to them on Marketplace? 
    The Marketplace does not currently have the ability to provide locked-off areas for private applications. Other than a few key exceptions for Mobile Operators,  there is no way to gate your application to a specific group of people or devices at this time.


    So, if you want to build your own app and run it on your device or your colleagues / friends devices, you have to pay £65 per year.

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    Agree that aligning Creators Club and Windows Phone 7 would sugar the pill somewhat.  I hate to sound like the penny-pinching whiner on here, I've just gotten used to the Android model.


    And please, before anyone comes back and tells me that the Android Marketplace is a nightmare of low quality fart apps and could really use a more curated approach, I agree 100% with that.  What I'm talking about here is the casual, hobbyist developer running his / her own code on their own device.


    All that said, I probably will switch from Android to WP7 AND stump up the 65 quid - the Samsung Cetus looks like my next device assuming we get it in the UK.


    For your amusement, here's a clip of Manic Miner (you remember that one) running on my Zune.


    Great series!


    - Gunston.

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    is intro is really boring. These guys are talking about their books, but they have  a nice "icebreaker" joke.


    I also got a full failure and got to restart the video on Windows 7 and IE8. And the video is horrible 1 GB great.


    The google-guys on youtube are so much faster, smarter. The next generation. Sorry...

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    Hi. Sorry you found the intro boring. It was a bunch of stuff we had to say to bring everyone up to speed before we could start writing code. 


    Glad you liked the "icebreaker" joke though. That's one of mine. And it will be in the next version too Smiley


    Oh, and Gunston, if you want to get Manic Miner running on WP7 give me a yell. I'd love to help.

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    Code for Manic Miner is here.


    Please help yourself - the graphics are used with kind permission of Andy Noble (www.andynoble.co.uk) but the code is 100% my own work.




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    Yes, as long as you have the .csproj for your app, you can deploy directly from your instance of Visual Studio to the phone.  This is the same for anyone with an unlocked phone, which developers can do by registering at the marketplace.  In order to unlock a phone, you will have to pay $100 to register at the marketplace.  We do have offers through DreamSpark that makes this free.

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    Great videos! Are very exited about the WP7.  Big Smile

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    I can not hear anything Sad

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    love the product, weird name though.

    Most people associate windows with their pc, and not with a nice, user centric, portable, wicked, iphone-killer, wow!, consumable, look-at-this!, innovative product


    and 7 give me the impression that it is just a follow up from windows mobile 6, like windows mobile 5, 6,.....7. And in the current time it's not like windows mobile gets so much chear that windows phone 7 will benefit from that association.


    And third, if people ask you: what phone do you have? htc android, sony android, iphone, and then: 'windows phone seven'. It just doesn't sound catchy (imho)


    So, that's my opinion on the product's name.

    You can say, it's only a name, but names are important too, especially in a world were emotion is key thing in loving a product (all my friends who love their iphone can only give me emotion-like reasons why it is so good, they don't use it for killer apps)


    But: waiting impatiently to get one!


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    What happened?! I was just starting to download these, got through the first 4, then suddenly the Channel 9 webpage changes, and all the High Quality wmv links are now gone! Other videos on Channel 9 appear to still have the high quality versions available, what happened to these? Everything looks fuzzy on the .mp4 version, not sharp at all on a PC.


    Please, bring back the High Quality version!

  • User profile image

    Agreed, where did the high quality videos go?  I just started watching this series, and wanted to download the high quality versions - but now they're gone.  I don't understand.

  • User profile image

    Please - bring back the High Quality WMV version of the videos! It's really difficult to read C# code in the Medium Quality WMV / MP4 (only versions available at the moment).

  • User profile image

    Thanks for bringing back the high quality WMV versions!  Much easier to read.

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    Bill Yeager

    Where can I download the associated demo code for each of the video lessons?

  • User profile image

    I don't understand the joke....

  • User profile image

    Bill Yeager -> Click on the symbom </>. 
    This video dont have legend? Because, my ingles is not good. I need to follow the legend.

  • User profile image

    @Bill Yeager: For copies of the student files and links to demo code, you can go to the Windows Phone 7 Born To Learn Forum (http://borntolearn.mslearn.net/wp7/m/default.aspx).

    There are some pdfs there that explain the materials needed for the lessons in groups of three.

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    asalam o aliqum nd hru now channel 9 on nd u learn that much i can't beleve now u talk with me in my style it's good nd thank's 4 all 

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    @kwyjibo:assalam o aliqum nd hru yar it's starting

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    Sound quality is horrible even on High Quality video.

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    @fuataali: I don't understand your saying ... what language do you use. shift.

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    eric torchi

    avoir tous eque vous me donner

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    Hello, world. If you're reading this, it's likely because you're interested in the free training Microsoft is offering on Windows Phone 7 application development. This is the blog section of our training community. We also have a forums section (click on "Forum" above) where you can post any questions or feedback you have. And last but not least, we have a class resources section (click on "<a href="http://www.thetextileicon.com">textile exporters</a>" above) where you will find all the latest materials for this training.

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    hi, thanks for all presentation is it possible to get the source of powerpoint presentation.

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    Awesome videos....

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    santhosh kumar

    Hi, I am a VB.NET, JME, Symbian Developer and if there is no proper support for vb.net in wp7 i will quit developing in JME/symbian as well as .Net Technologies and go for Android Development.
    Microsoft, do something for the longstanding vb.net developers.

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    where can we find links displayed in this presentation, I hope that do not have to stop presentation and type urls.

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    This Video is very big size to watch !!

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    windows phone learning resources links

  • User profile image

    Stop complaining, i am a vb developer as well, but i have taught myself to program in C#, you use the same .net framework in vb.net or c#.

  • User profile image
    Herminia Jimenez

    I have no idea why, but I like this...

  • User profile image

    I have seen some bad tutorials on youtube but these tutorials are just a waist of time and painful to watch. These guys are highly unprofessional, they skip through code and they just reopen code that was already written. They do not explain almost anything that has to do with the code. It is almost impossible to learn anything from these tutorials so dont bother watching them. If anybody that has anything to do with these tutorials read this please go to phpacademy.org or Adobe Flex tutorials to see what a tutorial should be like. I dont need to see slides or some guys opening already debugged code to cover there lack of knowledge. This is just crap i can believe Microsoft even published this, so disappointing, i guess learning to program for wm7 will have to wait or just learn android or ios.

  • User profile image

    At around 2 mins, slide title: what you need TOO know

  • User profile image
    Alan Mosley

    I can not install SDK, i have Windows 7 thought multipoint server. It does not reconize it as Windows 7. It there a workaround, i dont want to but windows 7 and a second machine just for this.

    Any ideas?

  • User profile image

    Thank You Rob Miles & Andy Wigley, This Introduction Video is Awesome!!

    A Good Start For me Smiley


  • User profile image

    Just downloaded the high quality video. The video isn't useful for me caused by the horrible bad sound quality.
    Please fix this in further videos, so that non native english speakers are able to understand it.

    Thank you

  • User profile image
    Izzy Stradlin

    Love these videos. This, and the Absolute Beginner series mean that even a Mechanical Engineer like me is now busy making his own apps. What a thing of beauty, Windows Phone 7. Please do NOT change it any time soon! People will love Microsoft for its bold approach and for embracing minimalism.


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    Prakash Heda

    MP4 Download quality is very bad, WMV is much better, had to download WMV and convert MP4....now we are talking

    Good content

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    "sorry we can't show this video on your device"
    -Sent from my Windows Phone

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