Erik Meijer Shows Us His Favorite Visual Basic 9.0 Feature - XML Literals

Play Erik Meijer Shows Us His Favorite Visual Basic 9.0 Feature - XML Literals

The Discussion

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    Both awesome and timely - there I was struggling with namespaces in xml for the last few days - just happened on this screencast and there was the solution !!

    Please give us more of this this type of webcast ..

    VB9 is MAGIC - thanks to VB HEAD in the BOX and his colleagues ...

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    This is a good presentation on LinQ/Expressions. Its nice to see how xml queries are simplified.

    It would be more helpful if the exmaple is with some realistic data. Also, discussion on XSLT complexity and its unfriendliness to developers is understandable but how can we display xml if there are no office clients and how simple is it to build such an xml with all the style elements and spreadsheet format info?
    Also the XSD didn't make much sense to me.

    Anyway, the expressions are quite a good/new concept. Yet to figure how really simple they are in the real world!
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    Excellent screencast.

    Using the concepts you guys demoed, I was able to create a REST interface for ASP.NET that uses XElement

    Source code & samples are available at

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    It is great Demo Beth. Thanks Prof.Meijer

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