DirectCompute Lecture Series 250: Integration with the Graphics Pipeline

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Join James Fung from Nvidia as he shows you how to make use of vertex, pixel, and geometry shaders to add visualization to their DirectCompute applications. The following topics will be covered:

  • A Quick explanation of the Direct3D graphics pipeline
  • Vertex and geometry shader overview
  • Binding resources and views for use by graphics stages
  • Visualizing 2D array data
  • Visualizing particle data (geometry shader)
  • Visualizing other data (histogram, waveform, and so on)
  • Example of Particle Simulation Compute with Rendering
  • Example of Ocean Simulation Rendering using FFT for Compute

The demos used in this lecture are available from NVIDIA's DirectCompute SDK Code Samples page.

For more information on DirectCompute, download the PDC 2009 DirectCompute HOLwatch the DirectCompute Roundtable discussion, see the full DirectCompute lecture series, and download the slides for this lecture.



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