Rx API in depth: Concat, Catch and OnErrorResumeNext

Play Rx API in depth: Concat, Catch and OnErrorResumeNext

The Discussion

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    Might be useful to combine all three into one method: IO<T>.ContinueWith(IO<T> onDone, IO<T> onError).  Frankly, I was surprised by the behavior of Concat().  I expected it subscribe immediately and then serialize the observations.


    It might be helpful to come up with a naming scheme where the method name hints at if the supplied observable will be subscribed to immediately (like Zip... or should that be Combine?) and those which subscribe later.  For example the suffix "Then" may work: ConcatThen(), CatchThen(), OnErrorResumeNextThen(), RepeatThen(), etc.

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    Wes Dyer

    ContinueWith is a good idea.  In fact, it already exists in Rx and is an overload of SelectMany.  The only difference is that the SelectMany can continueWith on OnNext, onCompleted, or OnError.  This is the correct overload:


    IObservable<T>.SelectMany(Func<Notification<T>, IObservable<U>)


    Also note that Concat has the same semantics in Rx that is does in Linq to Objects.  Namely that the subscription to the second source doesn't happen until the first source has completed.

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