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    It is good to find out that we do finally have a two tier .NET framework.. I know a lot of people that said that it would never happen, but why should every windows machine have workflow foundation/wcf/asp.net etc?


    On a brand new Windows 7 machine, that most likey will come with .NET 3.5, will the client profile remove this or will they run side by side?

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    Jaime Rodriguez

    Hi vesuvius,

    Yes, Windows 7 comes with .NET 3.5 SP1. .NET 4 will work side-by-side, so it will leave your .NET 3.5 Sp1 alone.  From there on, you get .NET client profile + full as two skus.




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    Okay, correct me if I'm wrong here:


    So if I want to write an app that uses HttpUtility.HtmlEncode or UrlEncode, the user needs to install the full framework, or I need to roll my own.


    A lot of users will be installing .NET twice per version. I can already hear tens of thousands of people screaming "but I thought I already installed .NET 4".


    I honestly fail to see how this is a good thing. More versions of .NET for embedded/mobile OSes would be nice, but more versions for Windows just seems silly.

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