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The majority of Web sites have the need to display a list of frequently asked questions to their users. Although it's not difficult to create a simple set of FAQ pages, creating a great user experience that supports searching for FAQs, filtering, and paging, can become more difficult. Furthermore, this is often common functionality that has to be implemented repeatedly in multiple Web sites.

The goal for this Web Application Toolkit is to provide a reusable set of assets, like ASP.NET pages, data access code, and database schemas, for integrating Frequently Asked Questions into your own Web application. The FAQ pages of this Toolkit include the following features:

  • Browse and view FAQs organized by topics
  • An interactive user experience using jQuery and ASP.NET AJAX
  • Search for FAQs by keywords
  • Access FAQs through friendly URLs (for example /Faq/bidding-and-buying/how-do-i-buy-an-item)
  • FAQs Ratings

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