Behind the PDC 3D Video - A How-To

Play Behind the PDC 3D Video - A How-To

The Discussion

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    Super! Really cool, fun project. Nice video and walktrough to.

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    Not that I needed a reason to buy another FlipHD Smiley

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    Cool.  Interesting combination of things.

    As you will never get the recordings to start on the same frame, how do you trim the start of each to match on the same frame?  I guess this is where an Action Clapper  could come in handy.

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    The Stereo Movie Maker software has a function for slipping through frames to get them in sync. For me, I know Premiere inside and out so I just brought the MP4's in to Premiere, sync'd via audio (also added the better quality audio I talked about in the video), trimmed to same start/length, and then exported to the two videos I used in the Stereo Movie Maker software. 


    BTW: At 4:57 when you see the back of the cameras you might have noticed two round plastic pieces over the LCD's. Those were the covers on the lenses when I got the cameras. I used them over the LCD's and then with a sharpie put a dot in the exact center. Before using the ruler to keep them straight, I would coverge those dots on what it was I wanted to be 'in focus', kind of like what your eyes do when you look at something. Turned out to be more trouble than it was worth and you get a better effect with them both just flat forward. IMHO anyway.

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