CES 2010: Blio with Ray Kurzweil

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    This is most likely the finest XPS reader that I have seen.  Ray wouldn't put his energy behind a company unless it was producing a best-in-class product.  There has to be something said about the work of compulsive people.  I can't wait to get my grubby little hands on those bits.

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    Thanks for sharing with us.

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    finally some love for XPS.  Wonder what pros-cons they used to decide on xps -vs- pdf.

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    I see the claim of 1 million books.

    that is interesting.


    so far i have seen a lot of books only done in one format that the publisher supports.

    I really hope that what Blio is doing will open up the idea that the book publishers need to offer /or/ allow books to be in many electronic formats and let the buyer decide which format they want.

    untill they do that will limit consumer acceptance of this media option.

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    Kurzweil is one of my personal 'geek hero'. Thanks for the video

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    thank ver

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    Finally a fine use of the XPS format. I wonder which kind of tools will be available to publishers to make the content (particularly interactive ones).

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    Boy, was I wrong about this.  Total vaporware.






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