Countdown to MIX10: Charlie Kindel and Windows Phone 7 Series

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The Discussion

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    I don't think of MIX as just a Web conference - I think of it as a dev and user experience confrence, but if you're wondering why people think it's a Web conference, try turning around: you're standing in front of the slogan 'the next Web now'!

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    So, Charlie, as someone who was on both the Home Server Team (I'm pretty sure you were on the team while I was interning at Microsoft), and the Windows Phone Team. Will I be able to sync the Photos / Videos / etc Wirelessly with my Home Server?


    I know the answer is probably no right now, but I thought it was an interesting thought-experiment.

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    Viktor Larsson

    I like the example with the daughter. Easy to relate to. Looking much forward to MIX. Would be nice to be able to go. Sweden is WAY too cold now anyway.

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    I am interested in how compatable .net programs are going to be with WP 7.

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    @4thregionref:not compatibile. You have to redevelop them.
    WP 7 is taking controll by not allowing you to do what normal applications do. Think of Adobe Flash: That's all that WP7 apps can do. They can't break your computer, but also can't really do much else either. Safe.

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