Countdown to MIX10: Nishant Kothary, the UX Theme, and 55 New Sessions

Play Countdown to MIX10: Nishant Kothary, the UX Theme, and 55 New Sessions

The Discussion

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    Nishant, are we going to see anything new on the new C9 before Mix?  Or maybe a refresh of Oxite?  I was surprised to see that both Erik and Mike's site is down.

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    We do owe an update to the community on this. We're making steady progress on the new UX for Channel 9. Our goal with the update is to focus on performance and reliability along with the UX so it is taking time. One thing we're doing in this update is only using ajax where it makes sense and making sure we have the right test infrastructure in place for performance tuning.


    We do 2 week sprints and have most of the dev team 100% on c9 now. once we're through the next couple sprints we'll come onto this week on c9 for an update.

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    @JoshRoss - Basically, my answer is, "What Jeff said." Smiley No planned Oxite updates either...


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    My site's been getting hammered lately and it's running on a version of Oxite from a year ago (which had no caching at the time  Wink).  Seems to be back up as of right now though.


    Oxite will not have future releases.  Future development from Nathan and I is on Orchard.


    Looking forward to seeing progress on Channel 9.  Smiley

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