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    Where is the red shirt?  Will it be at Mix? Smiley


    Good video and it sounds like a good time, jury is still out on if I'll be making it but I'm excited to see what gets announced and released and whatnot.


    Edited w/ Note To Self: Watch all of the video before you make posts asking about the red shirt.

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    It won't be a proper MIX unless Scott has to wrestle a bear on camera...

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    Go Belgium !!


    I would love it making applications that use the Live Framework was FREE !

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    When was this filmed? Why the conspicuous absence of any mention of Windows Phone 7? I'll grant you that it's not releasing to consumers until the holiday season, but it seems like it could certainly have been mentioned alongside VS 2010, .NET 4, WPF 4, Silverlight 4, etc. etc.


    I'd say that Expression Suite 4 isn't exactly out of the realm of possibility, even though it may not make as big an impact to developers as it will to designers.


    Any further word on plans for more robust hardware acceleration in Silverlight 4 (or beyond) than has been announced to date is, of course, always welcome. Mozilla, Apple, Google, and Opera are sprinting towards making WebGL a robust crossplatform graphical platform that will let web developers run graphically rich apps in places that Silverlight does not go by default - from PowerPC Macs to Linux machines, to iPhones and presumably Android based phones as well.


    If the Silverlight team isn't careful, it seems to me that the graphical strengths of Silverlight will be looked at as simply some proprietary and|or crippled way to perform graphical tasks compared to what will be perceived as the open web standard by the majority of web developers. Granted, the familiarity and especially speed of all the language support that Silverlight brings to the table is (I assume) not (yet) matched by the fastest Javascript engines that Google et alii can build to compliment WebGL, but there is always Google Salt to worry about then, and it's difficult to escape the feeling that Silverlight will be looked at as less relevant to the web dev world at large, as much as I wish it success.


    Also, some word from absolutely anyone at Microsoft about the future of the Bing Maps 3D control would be great. We haven't seen any real announcement from that team since their April 2009 release. Based on the fact that none of the new imagery types (Enhanced Birds Eye, Street View, Photosynths) are available within the D3D control, I assume that Bing Maps will be fully cross platform oriented with Blaise at the helm as the architect which must mean that the fully 3D version of Bing Maps is in the process of being officially ported to WPF and Silverlight but the last that I had heard of Silverlight 4's graphical capabilities don't make it sound like that will be happening until Silverlight 5 or so.


    I've heard two separate reports that more robust 3D support will be in Silverlight 4 than the simple perspective transforms seen in Silverlight 3, but no real word at PDC09, so I'm curious as to what it really means and just how far we can expect 3D to grow in Silverlight 5.

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    scott rules! [and i've shaked hand with him, #epicwin Wink]


    will scott have any sessions this year? the keynote is great but i miss the regular sessions he used to have.. Smiley

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