Countdown to MIX10: Workshops a’Plenty

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    I felt sad that the only comment was SPAM so that's why I commented. It must not feel that good to not get any comments so here I go.


    I watch the video and it is good, keep doing these countdowns! I like it and I like the new Digital Timer, it's better and more technological. Also the guest seemed quite nervous, I know you don't look that nervous but it got me thinking what a great job you do at hiding it!


    Really hope to get soms new news on this show. Everybody is expecting MIX10 to be give us a final explanation about what is going to happen to:
    # Live FrameWork
    # Live Mesh (desktop and apps and sync)
    # Windows Live Wave 4

    Because the Live framework CTP has been unavailable since september 2009 and half a year of NO NEWS is really a bugger. Hope to get some confirmation or other news about that before MIX on this show...

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