Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 3: A Look at the New Demos

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In this video, Rob Mauceri, Group Program Manager for Internet Explorer, shows some of the new developer samples available in the third build of the IE9 Platform Preview available on the IE Test Drive





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The Discussion

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    Awesome! IE9 is really comming allong. Let's just hope the CSS3 and HTML5 spec are finished ASAP so you know you have a steady standard and you can relie on onther browsers having the same rendering...


    The potato gun was a nice pun Wink


    When can we expect a first version of the layout of IE9 ? How fast will tab switching go? How much cpu will each tab take? Will we have a new print experience? Some of this stuff was what really is the 'bad pr' for the current IE. Creating new tabs and switching between tabs. Especcialy when some tabs contain large pdf files that are open en others contain flash video's or some html.

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    Don't mean to gripe, but shouldn't the performance tests have IE9 closed when comparing to other browsers?  Loving the GPU optimization though, I wish every applicable program on windows could add hardware acceleration!

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    @SomethingNew, the side by side performance comparison was just a demonstration.


    I'm looking forward to seeing where Scott Gu's team takes Silverlight.

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    Google recently added a new image resizing algorithm to webkit that is available in the nightly builds of Chromium after r50359, but this only helps with the flying images and flicker tests. The Canvas tests still run pretty slow, and probably won't get much faster without some sort of hardware acceleration.


    I think that the progress that Microsoft is making with IE 9 is pretty amazing and I am loving the competition between browsers! I don't know which browser I will be using 2 years from now but I am pretty sure that it will be awesome!  Tongue Out

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    How about some tests on long pages with large tables of data and using the find feature. In my finding it can hang IE for quite a while and be quite unusable.


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    I tested the preview on a page that contains a very large table and is currently unusable in IE8. It runs flawlessly now.

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    None of this matters if Microsoft doesn't fix the memory leaks and frequent hang-ups. 

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    Someone in the community did do a Chrome 6 nightly build with the fish demo.

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    The preview is free and takes 20 seconds to install. Why don't you try it and if you still leak report the bug right in the preview. Thats why Microsoft is doing these previews.

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    What version of Chrome did you use for the comparisons? Was it the current V5 or the V6 Dev with optimised HTML5etc. support?

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    I think the browser to compete against is not Chrome but Opera. In the 2nd test drive I found several demos ran the fastest in Opera of all browsers. Still, the work that the Internet Explorer team is doing is great and when trying some of the lastest demos even Opera comes to a crawl. So kudos.

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