Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 4: A Look at the New IE Test Drive Samples

Play Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 4: A Look at the New IE Test Drive Samples

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    Exciting work guys.  Been using Firefox and Chrome lately for developments and had to say IE team have steep curve to claim.  What makes the Chrome great is its UI responsiveness, its snappy start-up time, able to rearrange tabs, fast page-loading.  It seems IE9 show great promise in rendering aspect of it and wants to see developers choose IE9 in the future as there default testing browser.  Don't want to see old style thousands of tool-bar being able to installed and screw IE's performance, that's so 90.  Please eliminate the nightmare of tool bar in IE.

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    in a fritz of irony, the download page on the iepreview site seems to be broken.. when you go there in ie8, it warns you about a downloading file, but if you click to actually download the file, nothing happens.. reloading the page just bring the warning back, and then nothing..


    beta1 of ie9 cant come soon enough Tongue Out




    odd.. now it works Smiley maybe it was a server issue

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    Its good. I always fought with my friends that IE is always better. But when they show me the performance of Chrome and Firefox, I was little worried. Now again, IE is going to prove I am the best...


    I have written my own article "Will Chrome and Safari Beat IE9?" recently.

    Waiting for IE9 beta.




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