Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 4: The IE9 Rocks HTML5 Audio Support

Play Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 4: The IE9 Rocks HTML5 Audio Support

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    Great demo of the new engine and new standard support. (Like all the Platform previews so far). But something makes me want to say "stop playing with cool demo's only IE can run and nobody will every really use in a production site and start showing us you also have a decent UI team working there butts of".


    To give you some perspective. My main issue with IE8 is the fact that opening new tabs, closing tabs, switching tabs , organizing favorites and so on go to slowly and make the browser crash most of the time. This is what is frusterating me, so altough the new engine really preforms well on my site's running a lot of javascript I'm still not convinced about IE9. I was allready convinced about the IE9 engine that it was good by the timeframe of preview 2. Also a download manager(as reported by engadget) comming up?


    In short, when will we hear something about the UI ? Microsoft is good at UI when it really want to be (Office 07 , Metro , Zune UI , New MSDN ,...). I really hope you full of a 'minimalistic' but decent UI. Please also make the adress-bar work without having to type www. If i now type in the address bar of IE8 I get a Bing search page searching for '' with the first result being what I wanted to visit.

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    You do have a valid point about the UI: I really hope IE9 has something like the Omni-box in Google Chrome and that they fix the issue with "run-away toolbars". However after seeing the excellent work and energy that has been put into the demos I would say that Microsoft is really trying to push the limits of what HTML5 can do (in a good way!). It may not be something that gets used in a mission critical system or a business website, but these are all based on open standards and will help other browsers focus on more than just raw Javascript speed. I expect that over the next 5 years we will start to see many companies and enthusiasts working on complex HTML5 sites that hopefully will even put these spectacular demos to shame! And if they can't catch up to the rendering and animation speed of IE9, then there may be a whole new reason to install the IE-Tab plugin in Firefox/Chrome Tongue Out


    Keep up the GREAT work!!!

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