Show Us Your Tech - Mark Pendergrast Edition

Play Show Us Your Tech - Mark Pendergrast Edition

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    really enjoyed this, even some of the furniture looked interesting and the 60 inch screen is almost as close as you can get to the movies without going to the movies. the one thing thats still kinda annoying though is the mile long cable chaos necessary to have all this stuff work together, if only something like the power mat technology would already be a lot further in development. Cool

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    I liked this. Nice house and setup. I have a similar setup though I gave up all my old tech like stereo receiver and such. I use a HP DEC as my home theatre. Various tuners and HDhomerun units handle DVR tasks. And my Windows Home Server streams TV, movies, music and pictures to any PC and TV in the house (sorry no Macs... yet). Unfortunately, I don't have a basement "Area 51" room like Mark does. My router sits in the pantry and everything else is in a rack enclosure in the garage (aka Batcave). I suspect everyone who works at Microsoft has a "Pendergrast" setup in their homes. It should be a company policy. ;-p


    Question: Can two Home Servers work together on the same home network? Will the Console know which Home Server is which?


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    This video rocked!  I loved all of the detail and how there was a step-by-step flow around the house.

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    This is quite depressing, especially considering he is a senior PM for WHS. I know people with more technology in their bathroom then he has in his entire house. Obviously Mark isn’t very passionate about technology. The wiring and hardware mounting, or lack thereof, is downright embarrassing. Apparently Mark hasn’t heard of a structured media cabinet or a 19” rack. He should have called in a customer integrator to clean up that mess before giving a behind the scenes tour. At a minimum I was expecting MC clients/extenders throughout the house and a HP TouchSmart PC in the kitchen. And MAC's in an MS home... blasphemy! Not the best promotional material for MS.

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    It seems he has better priorities than to setup his house to show off to arrogant fools like you.  You don't deserve to see one frame of this video. Get a life!



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