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    Awesome interview.  It's always great to hear from the futures side of the house.  One thing I know that I've been waiting for is the ability to have the appliances in my house tell me when they need something or if something is broken.  I'd love to have my appliances tweet or SMS my phone when out or at the store (geolocation Smiley) and find out if my milk is about to expire, or if i need more laundry soap; the small things, but add up to huge time savers.  Perhaps Office could expand to these types of ideas. 


    I do think the, "forgot attachment feature" is great, but what about the, "you have used colloquialisms or slang in your email, consider rephrasing the following sentances to prevent misunderstanding".  I know the MSDN team uses a tool which tells them if they have geopolitical terms in their documents, perhaps bring that forward to Outlook.


    That is just off the top of my head.



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    Decent lighting and sound in a C9 video. Shocking Wink

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