Countdown to MIX10: Let's do it Live

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    I want to see a behind the scenes video of the temp server infrastructure at Mix.

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    How should you go about design for a Natal style interface?

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    Just FYI... When the stream switches over from a keynote presentation to the CH9Live anyone watching a buffered version of the keynote in DVR mode gets dropped. I started watching the first PDC keynote about 30 mins after it started and didn't get to see the last 30 minutes because when CH9Live started it dropped the existing video and didn't let me finish. I was able to watch the last part when the keynote was available for download the next day, but it was a bit frustrating. 


    Otherwise keep up the great work!

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    C9 Live at MIX10 is going to be awesome. Push on, Nic!


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    When you do post the Channel9Live pieces here, could you please provide more information about the guest than just their name - such as what area they work in or something about the topic discussed. I realize the discussion might range all over the place but I didn't have time to go into each of the PDC Live videos just to see which ones might be interesting and sorry to say but sometimes I just don't know the person by name.



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    for encoding all the videos?  Channel 9 Live?  or the entire event's IT set up?

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    The entire event's IT.

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    @Ian2 - Not sure if there will be any Natal content at MIX10 - Good question though - I'll investigate


    @gbrayut - Thanks for the feedback - the video player guys are aware of the issue and looking at how to solve it


    @DavidAngers - We hope to post the schedule atleast 2 weeks in advance to give you all enough time to work out what sessions you want to see, what questions you want to ask and plan your schedules accordingly.


    @ZippyV - Not sure if we can do that live but we might be able to film something that we post on Channel 9 after the event

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    Really awesome, keep up the great work!


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