Major Bing Maps Announcements and SDK Release

Play Major Bing Maps Announcements and SDK Release

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    Awesome, can't wait to try it out. Also, does it work with the Windows Phone Dev tools April CTP?

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    Nice, especially location and weather features. Laura: remember inter-national! Wink

    PS - cool B(l)ing logo in the background.

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    I really appreciate the developer story you are announcing today.  It really seems to cover all the bases.  I just have to sit down and starting playing with the SDK.


    A question about the upgrade to SL4...will that large "Bing Maps" ghost image always be there during the loading process?

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    Great stuff but wish the video was more concise.


    IMO, too much idle chat happening between announcements.


    Would like to get a summary of the key announcements upfront in the first 5 minutes and then do the drill down with idle chat.


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    You can always read the BLOG POST if you're looking to bypass the chatter Smiley

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    To extend on the Mall Map and Zoo Maps. I'm thinking it would also possible to incorporate a localised route finding ability.

     For example 

      I'm in CarPark B of the Mall and I want get {Insert Shop Name}, show me the route. 

    or taking it little further

     What route do I take in the Supermarket to obtain this shopping list.  Bread, Baked Beans, Coffee.


    It would be fantastic for visitor attractions.

     I'm at the Penguins and want to see the Lions, How do I get there?

    or for the Microsoft Campus / College Campus.

      I'm on Microsoft Way and I want to get to Laura's Desk/Office.


    This would be a great addition.

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    Sorry about my ornery comment.  I still enjoyed watching the video.


    As you say, the blog post has the concise summary.


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    Cool stuff, I love Bing maps! On separate note, when is the Bing spring refresh going to finish its rollout?

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    uh yeah thats cool.. if you're in the U.S.....

    in sweden by default we still get the inferior bing beta [no maps, no videos] instead of the real thing. get the lead out ffs, its been a year since bing went out of beta in the U.S. Smiley atleast you could redirect people who hit the beta site to the real site..


    sure, people in the know can switch to the us site, but most people wont go through that trouble and they shoudnt have to either..

    new bing maps is hot though Smiley

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    great features from bing map team.


    i like the idea of having a map inside another map. a question , how do you visualize buildings with multiple floors?


    another idea, personally, i dont like the colors that bing map uses. to me google maps colors are more clearer. eventhough, bing maps gives more details, sometimes it just distracts me from finding what i want. if there is a way for setting up colors and granularity of details in the map that would be very awesome.


    anyhow, i think bing map on silverlight 4 is awesome. thanks.

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    What about a new silverlight DLL? There are still some problems with bird eye view internationally...


    Love the Bing Map Apps platform, and ik got a great idea. Hope I can finnish it in time for the competition...

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