Scott Guthrie & Charlie Kindel celebrate Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools Release

Play Scott Guthrie & Charlie Kindel celebrate Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools Release
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Microsoft and the Windows Phone 7 team are thrilled to announce the final release of the Windows Phone 7 developer tools. Last night, here in Seattle, we held an event with Scott GuthrieCharlie Kindel and some engaged influencers- here are the highlights.

And HERE are the dev tools.

Click here for a closer look at the demos.



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The Discussion

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    I love you guys, but how can you have a video that I can download that even states the "non-beta" tools are available and yet it still shows the Beta from 2 months ago?


    C'mon, gimme gimme gimme!

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    Finally, the day has come!

    Thank you.

    It's 3.30pm UK time - tools are still Beta from 7/26/2010.

    tick, tick, tick....c'mon MS - update the website.

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    The website has not been updated yet.

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    Hey Now,


    Great Vid!


    Thx 4 the info,


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    In the Windows Phone 7 developer site, the link still said download "Beta" tool but it take you to the download page for the RTM tool...  Someone should update that soon I hope so people are not waiting or confused...

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    The tools are can get instructions here

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    It's been a long road, and I'm very happy the tools are released.  I loved Brandon Watson's comment, "go get 'em, be inspired, be awesome, stay nerdy".

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    I have been waiting for WM7 for a year to find out today, that there is no CDMA version?  I'm really dissapointed...

    No CDMA = No Sprint and No Verizon = All the customers that have no IPhone that probably didn't move because they like their carrier and potentially could have gotten a WM7 at launch. 

    2011 for WM7-CDMA is too late. IPhone will be on Verizon and there will go our potential customers.

    Is there something that you can do to push the CDMA version before the end of this year?


    Excellent work with the phone OS platform, but please don't miss the "Window" of opportunity.

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