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    Just extrapolating this, forgive me, but stills from video > Photosynth > point cloud > 3D mesh > automatons with cheap camera eyes > robots that understand their spacial environment in great detail > autopiloted vehicles > world domination.


    Seriously, and a little digressively, this and the other work in 3D interpretation of a scene has huge potential in remote control systems and orientation of automated devices. Does NASA have this kind of technology in the Mars rover?

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    The last fragment is out of place. Was this a find-what's-wrong test?


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    Looks like the new build isn't available for download yet, or am I looking in the wrong place? I only see the one from 2008.

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    Is there a new build of this or not. I love ICE. I am using the 2008 build now. Unless this is considered "new technology" now.

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    Don't get me wrong; I like what I see, but the multi image fusion has certainly been done before. I remember seeing Lowry Digital demonstrate the idea some time ago. The difference is, of course, that their services are not quite a free download from Microsoft away.


    I'm going to have to agree with Sialivi and Intelman on the download front. Places I've fruitlessly looked at so far include:


    Please ping me back when ICE 2.0 is ready for download. @natelawrence


    Also, please try to get a nice clean high res shot of the URL to that beta version of the Photosynth siteDevil


    Maybe if I can ever download ICE 2.0, I can run the image sequence from this video through and recover the URL through all the low-res grain and overexposure on the address bar. Cool

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    Sorry about the confusion on the new version of ICE.  TechFest was last week so we showed it off a little early.  Yes there is a new version coming very soon.  Please check back again in a few more days ...

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    I like it a lot.

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    Cool. I discovered this last September (older version) - promptly took my camera up to the Malverns Hills, shot a panarama, came back, stitched it using ICE, was bowled over, promptly went out and bought a new camera with a better zoom!


    OK, so I havn't been up the Malverns again yet (actually I have but not to the right spot -but  you really wanted to know that).


    Here is my initial stitch, I will post an improved one with the new camera, (hopefully soon).

 " target="_">


    I'm hoping to incorporate these shots into - the one above is taken from roughly the same spot as the initial shot  - taken 75 years ago!


    PS From what I understand you can now buy a unit for your SLR that will take the panaramic shots for you, all carefully calibrated to overlap by just the right amount!?



    PPS I was at the imaging event yesterday (see here) Microsoft should have been there with this and their other photo related tools.  I'm quite sure there would have been a lot of interest!

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    Where's the link !  I wanna play with your toys Wink

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    Is msr working on normalizing audio on so that the audio doesn't come out like it does in this video?  Lara was extremely loud compared to the two researchers.  If I turned up the volume to hear the researchers Lara became really loud.


    I know when ripped some cds back in the day there was a option to normalize, I guess that is what I'm talking about?


    Maybe this technology already exists it just wasn't used on this video prior to publishing?

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