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    LOL I am sad I didn't get to host one where I work Sad oh well Smiley


    I was ready to rip open some new system boxes just to install it Tongue Out

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    nice party , nice for windows 7...


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    Does Microsoft have a "party kit"?  I'm going to throw a launch party!  I convinced the wifey to let me do it Smiley  I want to have cool stuff to give away as door prizes, posters to put up, t-shirts Smiley  Where can I get a party kit or schwag kit?  I'll get the wife to make little C9 guy cup cakes or something, and put Win7 media center up on my flat screen in the family room and run C9 videos Smiley  I'll put out some of my UMPCs and gadgets and load Win7 on them for people to play with.  I need an idea for the "Win 7 drink" though... when I was at MIX06, they had a special drink at the party at Tao, I need one for Windows 7!

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    Great party, many famous people in there   Wink

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