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Here is the update you've all been waiting for. Charlie Kindel sat down with us to dive a little deeper into what this developer tools update means and what to expect from it. Notable to mention is that it has been tested and works with the final release of Visual Studio 2010. He also gives a few words of advice on how to make the most of your Windows Phone 7 developing experience. Tune in for sure and then get to building apps!

Download the Refresh HERE.



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The Discussion

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    I was not able to install the developer tools CTP on this machine last time I tried it because it crashes at the point when it's installing Silverlight 4 (which I already have installed anyway).  The funny thing is that it worked on this machine before on a previous install of Win764bit when they first came out during MIX. Maybe I'll just wait for it to be officially complete before trying them again.

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    Link to download the refresh tools is dead!!! Perplexed

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    Works for me:

    Most likely, what you experienced was just a file propagation issue that will self-correct over time.


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    double w00t!


    Thank you for making awesome dev tools to help us be awesome on the platform.

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    Sad to hear about the cancellation of your Courier project.  It really had excited the blogosphere.   Hopefully you folks can salvage aspects of it and use Windows Phone 7 as the basis for upcoming slate devices. 


    I wonder what secret project will get its reveal at CES 2011.



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    @Charlie Kindel - and for all the devices running CE 5.xx and CE 6.xx we have to use VS 2008 ?

    no support in 2010 for any of the non-07 / non-phone devices ?  lame .... MS keeps doing this and it drives me nuts.

    SQL reports 2005 makes me use VS 2005 to do reports and now i will be using 2005,2008 and 2010

    i hope by 2012 i can dump vs 2005 .... Grrr.....

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    Dude, this video is about Windows Phone Developer Tools Smiley Not Windows 7.

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    Laura -- look closer at his post ....

    IT'S SPAM!!!

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    Im having trouble uninstalling the Windows Phone Devloper Tool. I click Uninstall/Change and in the window choose uninstall. It then asks me which products I want to intsall, the only option being Silverlight 4 Tools. I click next and it fails. The option to view logs takes me to the microsoft home page. Any suggestions.

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