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This Web Application Toolkit is designed to demonstrate how to generate and send dynamic, template-based emails from a web application. There are many common scenarios where notification emails need to be sent to end users. Examples of these common scenarios may involve notifying a user of their newly created account, sending a new password in respond to a forgotten password request, or emailing an alert under specific business circumstances, such as the creation of a order. Typically the E-mails sent from a Web application scenario are formatted as HTML, include CSS stylesheets, and images and need to be generated dynamically with custom or user-specific data.

This Web Application Toolkit provides a reusable component named TemplateDrivenEmail that can be used to easily generate and send dynamic, HTML-formatted emails based on templates that you can easily create and customize. The TemplateDrivenEmail component is a .NET Class Library that can easily be included in your solution and used with an ASP.NET Web Application, a background application such as a Windows Service, or any other type of .NET application. The email templates are based on a standard XML technology know as Extensible Stylesheet Language. This Web Application Toolkit also includes an example that shows how to use the TemplateDrivenEmail component.

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    I want to include a consistent header and footer in all of my e-mails.  Is there a way to include an external file into an email using this library?

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