Behind The Maps - Flying the UltraCam

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In this second episode of Behind The Maps we go to Philadelphia to see the UltraCam in action. One of our partners, Keystone Aerial Surveys, shows us the next step in the process where the UltraCam is used to capture imagery for Virtual Earth.

This is a little bit of a long episode because there are three interviews in one video, but really fun to watch and TONS of great information on the next step in our journey on how we bring Virtual Earth to life.



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The Discussion

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    Very cool seeing the in-flight shots Mark. I imagine this must actually be quite enjoyable for the pilots and crew.
    Thanks for the awesome insight and I look forward to even more!
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    It was great to see the entire process end to end at Keystone.

    Will there be a video that picks up where this one leaves off?
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    This was awesome guys! Thanks for posting the inflight video; it gives a complete picture of process.

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