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    Ken Cox [MVP]
    At the end of the video Angus warns, "We would urge you not to go into production using this piece of code" which is good advice when dealing with a CTP (and some would extend that advice to V1.0 of MS software <grin>).

    However, Angus' added statement that, "You get early access but the downside is, you can't go live" doesn't accurately reflect the EULA in the SDK.

    I'm not a lawyer, but the license seems to allow you to go live if you post enough warnings that this is pre-production stuff and should not be inhaled or used for life-support.

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    This is the same ASP.NET AJAX + Virtual Earth experience/functionality that I developed with my Web.Maps.VE product, from my company, Simplovation, that I released in October 2007.

    The Windows Live Virtual Earth ASP.NET Control is a CTP, and you cannot use it on a Live / Production website. If you are looking for a control like this to use Now, I definately recommend you check out the Simplovation Web.Maps.VE control.
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    Mark Brown
    Hi Ken. I'll share your feedback with the team.

    Thanks much.
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    Awesome to finally see this released, I highly recommend this control for all ASP.NET developers not just those that don't know javascript. It was built with the advanced developer in mind as well and I can asure you it will save you time and code.
    I'll get some good demos up soon so just what a time saver this is. Maybe we should have a code off Mark? Javascript vs ASP.NET control?
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    Mark Brown
    Dude, that's an awesome idea Smiley Not sure how JS developers can keep up with guys dropping map controls on a design surface but it should be fun anyway.

    Maybe the fairest way to do this is to take straight java script guys and make them use the ASP.NET control and take ASP.NET guys and make them use the JS only Smiley Just tossing ideas here. Want to make this fair after all.

    Actually, I wonder if anybody on this forum is a deep expert on the VE java script control. Maybe it's not a fair contest? In either case, would be cool to have a bake off.
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    I must admit it's great to see this thing nearing release. The Javascript version has been painful at times. All my own fault I'm sure. Smiley

    Anyhoo, in order to evaluate this I spent the day porting some code from Javascript and I've come across a bug. The Shape.ID never gets a value in my tests. I've reported it on Connect and I figured I'd mention it here in case anyone was tempted to do the same but that this issue might be a deal breaker for them.

    Hope to see it released soon.
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    This looks neat, but the Terms of Service for Virtual Earth are so restrictive.  If I wanted to use this on a website that I use for affiliate marketing or other commercial use it says you must enter into a separate agreement.  But it does not spell out how much the use of the service costs.  I'd rather a solution that lets me use free geo information downloaded from the government or some other way to not have to enter into an expensive contract.

    Give me a control that provides user experience features and functionality but that understands a common data format and let me source the data separately and buy the control for a one off fee (or make it free!).
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    Does anyone know how to or can you with this control, plot a custom jpg shape on the map?  I got the pushpin but I would like to use our standard icons instead.

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    Is there any way we can get the lattitude and longitude? Usually the daata stores will have only the street address, state, and zip.

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