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In this session, Scott Hanselman gives a deep and broad tour of the .NET 4 release, with a focus on making your development experience easier. See lots of demos (and very few slides) showcasing the key new features in the .NET Framework 4 including MEF, improvements in ASP.NET, threading, multi-core and parallel extensions, additions to the base classes, changes and additions to the CLR and DLR, what's new for the languages (Visual Basic and C#), and of course, what's new in Windows Presentation Foundation and System.Web. Come and see how all these new features and capabilities improve your overall .NET experience! 


This session is presented by Scott Hanselman during Microsoft DevDays 2010 in The Hague in The Netherlands.



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    The Discussion

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      Jeroen Ritmeijer

      Finally a sensible explanation of oData and the reason behind it.

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      Good one Scott. Smiley

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      Thanks, really enjoyed the introduction of .Net 4.

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      Scott reeaaalllly needs a quadcore to better show the performance of parallel computing Smiley

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      Thanks guys. You might also enjoy the talk on ASP.NET MVC: From Beginner to Ninja recorded at the same conference.

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      Very well done Scott! I nominate it for the best .NET 4 presentation so far Tongue Out

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      Thanks Scott! Great tour.

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      Scott Hanselman is a great presenter, the perfect balance between calm/passion, funny/serious, and the ability to perceive things from a newbs point of view and the master's.  This is a really edifying presentation.  Big Smile


      Like  Jeroen Ritmeijer said above, great intro to OData.  Also, I like the MEF dating service analogy; I'll surely use it when conversing with others.  



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      Scott's talks are so great.  They are both informative and incredibly entertaining.


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      This was thoroughly awesome and entertaining. 


      Also, thank you for not being all PC and skipping things like the Gandhi joke.

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      I've not watched Scott's presentations before recently but he really manages to present these things very clear and well. Thumbs up.

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      First - Scott, awesome presentation! It was a very worthwhile watch for me..


      Also, Just a FYI to for the product mentioned '' - is this the product?? - it seems really cool, but CHECK THE T&C!!!

      '(e) your Contributions automatically become the property of Evernote without any obligation of Evernote to you;'


      Take care and i'll be watching some more of your presentations!



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      Thanks Aditya! I was taking a chance with that joke, but I had a lot of fun and everyone seemed to laugh. Smiley Thanks for appreciating it.

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      What the cuss?  I am playing this on Silverligth **4**.  I put the video in full screen on my second monitor then proceed to work on my first montior and the video kicks out of full screen mode upon the first mouse-click on the app I want to work in.  I thought Silverlight 4 was supposed to support this scenario?  That's what ScottGu said during his DevConnections keynote.  If this requires a config change on the content side then please update your silverlight content to support this new functionality in SL4.

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      Hi Scott,


      I am not sure what it is, but I have been wondering around the 2.x world and it kinda lost its magic for a while, bit more excitement and purpose now with 4.0, you gotta feel happy with what the ms teams have produced with this product, I must say good job all round. I am itching to make internet again. ps I enjoy the podcasts!


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