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    nice video, full informative about Silverlight 4.0

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    C.S. Finch

    So I'm guessing you guys are using IIS Media, and Silverlight 3 to stream these videos, and is the reason why I don't ever get a lag on them?  How easy is it going to be to DataBind say datamodels from an ASP.Net MVC application?  Would I just reference the DAL and instantiate the data objects needed?  I could see Silverlight 4 + ASP.Net MVC to be very very powerful and productive if it was done right with clean code I could see making a really good CMS for various types of templates Social, Business, Storefront using both frameworks.

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    salman ansari

    nice video..who want to do something with self.this video give u better idea about silverlight..hope microsoft remember that there are so many guys who follows microsoft technology.and in future microsoft provides the latest technology for their well no need to move from microsoft technology...

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