Silverlight 4 Beta Networking. Part 6 - HTTP and Basic Authentication

Play Silverlight 4 Beta Networking. Part 6 - HTTP and Basic Authentication

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    Mike Greenway

    Off topic a little

    The following is mostly egnorance and only a little stupidity.Expressionless

    If my SL site is hosted by how do I turn on basic auth?

    Here it was done in IIS manager, I don't have that kind of access on a hosted site. (do I ?)


    messaging cross many areas of expertise. Set up/purchase access to the server with the framwork , write the code, deploy the matching software framework 3.X, It would be very helpfull to see ALL the step necessary to make a SL.X site wrok with these videos.


    Thank You.

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    Hi Mike,


    It depends on your hoster, the hosting platform and the access that they give you to that platform. I'm personally using a couple of hosters at the moment for Windows hosting and they both allow me to set properties like integrated authentication albeit through very different UI's.



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