Silverlight - Calling HTTPS Web Services

Play Silverlight - Calling HTTPS Web Services

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    Great video but... it doesn't work.

    Made "exactly" the changes you demonstrated in the video. But it simply doesn't work.

    I'm using VS2008 SP1,
    Framework 3.5SP1,
    SilverLight 2.0 Beta2.
    The IIS 6 has only one domain baseadress for the WCF services. The IIS server are SSL enabled and are running .NET webservices along side. The service you demonstrated are working fine under http.

    When making the changes and rebuilding the project and post to the server the client can't speak with the WCF.svc.
    However the client can run under SSL and the WCF.svc is also visible in browser and when updating the servicereference in VisualStudio.
    But the client can't communicate with it dispite the changes in the servicereferense and changes to the binding in the hosting site web.config.

    Seems much harder to get SSL working with WCF than with the old .NET Webservices ;O).

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    Hi Stanley,

    Sorry about that - no idea what I might have done differently to you at this point as it was quite a few weeks ago when I did it. The only difference in specs I can see between you and me would be that I'd have been on Windows Vista on IIS7 but I can't imagine that's the key difference.

    Sometimes in nailing down problems like that I'd attach a debugger to both the client and the server and get the debugger to break on first-change exceptions to see if you can track down what's going on between the client and the server - apologies if I'm saying something that you've already done Smiley

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    Hi Mike, Great series for noobs!

    Do WCF HTTPS calls still have to come from an HTTPS SL App in SL2.0 RTW?

    I noticed that you are making your calls in a single domain. Can SL do cross domain HTTPS?

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    Hi Cuperman,

    Yes, you can do this in the HTTP->HTTPS cross-scheme case.

    Have a look at"> 


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    Hm - I was looking forward to this video hoping to get my solutions, but... Has the video been removed???? I can click nothing

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    what's the deal here? why was this video removed?

    it's a very useful source of information for silverlight devs.

    please reinstate it as quickly as possible.


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