Silverlight - Using HttpWebRequest

Play Silverlight - Using HttpWebRequest

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    Could I post something to a PHP page and get the response from there ?

    I wont to run silverlight without having to run a ASP.NET server somewhere...
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    that should work. íts just a regular webrequest, nothing .net specific Smiley you'd get the html from the php page in your response strem and just read that and xml and do whatever to it. the same would be true for posting Smiley
    you can host silverlight on any backend (including lamp) you only have to add the mime types
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    Yes, agree!

    Silverlight makes very little requirement as to what kind of web server it's served off ( you probably need to add the MIME type for the XAP extension ) so it can be IIS or A.N.Other web server.

    Equally, it makes very little requirement about what kind of web servers you talk to whether that's via web services, WebClient, HttpWebRequest or whatever.

    Generally, it "Plays Well With Others" Smiley


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