Channel 9 Live at PDC09: Dean Hachamovitch

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    I thought the comment about not including the DLR struck me as 'Not Invented Here'.  The potential for integrating the standard web platform with the managed platform is huge.  The investment in the CLR, garbage collecting, call-site optimizations could all be leveraged.  Microsoft should be pushing for features that are in Silverlight to become part of HTML.

    Are there really any optimizations that are truly JavaScript specific, and couldn't be used in other scripting languages?

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    C'mon Dean, blaming 3rd party add-ons for poor performance is getting a bit tired now, especially when I see 71 Microsoft add-ons listed in Manage Add-ons | Run Without Permission in my copy of IE8.


    How about making it easier for 3rd party developers to talk to someone - *anyone* - on your team? After all these years you STILL have no formal way for 3rd party ISVs to do that.



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