How to update your SharePoint pages via the embedding of JavaScript

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This video shows how to you can use JavaScript embedding to update SharePoint pages.

The video shows following topics:

  • How to hookup your JavaScript so that it gets executed on all pages in a site
  • How to use JavaScript to add elements to a page
  • How to use JavaScript to hide elements on a page

The sample code used in this video is available on PnP:

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The Discussion

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    Thanks for posting this video. This appears to be the same source code behind the demo previously published as "JavaScript injection in SharePoint Online" -- would you say this mechanism is the recommended approach to branding a site as the other video suggested?

    My concern is abandoning the design manager feature among other historical master page customization approaches. This approach of embedding/injecting JavaScript for branding SharePoint sites online seems hugely impractical with notable drawbacks not mentioned here.

    It would be nice to have definitive and formal product team guidance to branding SPO.

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