Exposing Connected Home Services to the Internet via Windows Home Server

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Learn how to leverage the Remote Access platform in Windows Home Server to expose on-premises services running in the connected home to the Internet. See how to expose a home automation service running on Windows Home Server to the Internet, and watch a demonstration that shows how to expose services that may be hosted on other devices inside the connected home using Windows Home Server as a gateway. Finally, see a sneak preview of Home Server and Live Mesh working together to further enhance the remote experience for the connected home.
  • Brendan Grant
  • CJ Saretto
    CJ is a North Carolina native from the small town of New Bern. For those who've never heard of New Bern (the vast majority I'm sure), it was the colonial capiatol of NC as well as the birth place of Pepsi Cola. CJ attended NC State University where he recieved his BS and MS in Computer Science before transplanting himself to western Washington to work for Microsoft just over 7 years ago. CJ has worked on a number of projects at Microsoft including threedegrees, Windows Live (then MSN) Messenger, and (most recently) Windows Home Server.



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    I have enjoyed watching home server heros in action, Thank you for the best presentation I have ever watch. Keep up the good work. 

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