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Hear about key problems that cloud computing is solving and how these services fit into the Microsoft cloud computing initiatives. Learn about the pillars of the platform, its service lifecycle, and see how they fit with both Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies. Also, hear about the services roadmap over the next few years.
  • Manuvir Das
    Manuvir Das is a Director in the Cloud Infrastructure Services division at Microsoft Corporation, where he has been working, with many others, on delivering a world class services platform to developers. In his other life, Manuvir is a reasearcher and an affiliate faculty member at the University of Washington. His research interests have been in inventing and applying techniques from Programming Languages, Compilers, and Systems to the software engineering process. He previously led the Program Analysis research group in the Center for Software Excellence at Microsoft. Manuvir has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from IIT Bombay, and a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.



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The Discussion

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    Does anyone know when the materials (specifically, the slides) will start being posted?
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    Okay, so my post showed up blank. Does anyone know when the materials (specifically, the slides), will start being posted?
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    What is deffernet Windows Azure and Heilstrom?
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    About 24 ours after the session has been given.
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    how i can watch it offline ? or download the slides or the clip ?
    in every MS event ( HCT , OPK , ....etc ) we always get the slides PPT and other materials !!

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    All of these things (download links, PPTX's, etc.) are coming online. Unlike other events, we're doing this within a very short timeframe (we've been hitting under 24 hours) for each session instead of the typical 4-6 weeks after the event. Please bear with us - working as quickly as we can.

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    Appreciate your effort and hard working to bring those accessible to us

    I was just worry no one was confirming the slides will be available for us, except the online videos

    Now I see more PPTX and other resources, thanks again for hard working ...

    Everything getting fast and faster, so our expectation growing as well, even if sometime unrealisticly  we demand requests with rush ,,..... we still trust you guys to be on top Smiley

    Thanks again

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    A nice blog about all information related to azure can be found here:
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    Sorry for a "frontal" approach but I simply must comment :

    A :: loose that shirt for a god's sake !

    B:: AZURE can NOT be pronounced AJURE (J as in J'taime) it MUST be:
    AZZURE (ZZ as in aZZuro, aka "blue in italian)

    Ok, I feel better now, thanks ...

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