Windows 7: Writing Your Application to Shine on Modern Graphics Hardware

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This session centers on the new enhancements to DirectX that enable Win32 applications harness the latest innovations in modern graphics hardware. Learn how to use the Windows 7 graphics infrastructure to enable your applications to display graphics content on different generations of graphics hardware, across multiple displays and on a remote desktop. Also learn how you can test your application for DPI awareness, what to look for, and how to make it provide the best experience on high-DPI displays.
  • Anantha Kancherla
    Anantha is a Graphics nut and joined Microsoft to work on 3D Graphics after dabbling in Virtual Reality in Grad School. In Microsoft, Anantha has worked on a number of aspects of Graphics in a variety of roles. He was a developer on the D3D team for multiple versions. He lead the development team for D3D 9 and since then has been Program Managing various aspects of low level Graphics in Windows such as DX, GDI, Display Drivers, Window Manager. His proudest moment was accepting a Technical Emmy for DirectX technologies on the behalf of his team.



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    Frank Hileman
    I am very, very happy to see the return of an immediate mode 2d API, Direct2D. I only wish it were available on all windows platforms. An immediate mode API is especially needed on low-end hardware.

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