Microsoft Visual Studio: Building Applications with MFC

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The next release of MFC will provide encapsulations around a number of new Windows platform features. With this functionality you can easily build applications that integrate into features such as desktop search, application restart and recovery functionality, leverage the new Windows UI metaphors such as Live Icons and Rich Preview. These features represent one of the most significant updates to MFC in years. Come learn the details on all these new classes so you can rapidly build Windows applications that stand out from the crowd.
  • Damien Watkins



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The Discussion

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    I hoped to see a new (maybe XML based) GUI library and VS designers so that I wont be forced to WPF and managed world.
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    The video was really interesting and fun.
    With regards to the new feature that were presented at PDC2008, I was wondering if the new Re-Start Manager feature was working well with documents derived from COleDocument, including:
    - A "flat" document having an embedded Excel Workbook being edited when the app was crashing
    - A document relying on a Structured Storage files that has some streams pending but not commited yet

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