Microsoft .NET Framework: CLR Futures

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    If I'm reading this right, finally having a way to generate useful minidumps for managed code will be a welcome addition.

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    I really like to hear some good news about improvements of JITed code quality, memory footprint. The reason I care about this is because one of my BubbleSort(Just swapping data between array elements) tests shows that .NET 3.5 sp1 is about 40% slower than its counterpart written in Java (JDK1.6 update10 with server GC enabled.)

    I am sure there are a lot of areas .NET did superior job, but why this big gap here?
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    Are code comments derived from or any way related to spec #? Will there be language support or only the class/object level?
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    The Design-by-Contract (CodeContract) is of course very Eiffelike, even the old-value semantics is there. The syntax is quite bloated in comparison [as leriksen71 says], but having the semantics at all is a first step. Also, tail recursion optimization is a welcome improvement.

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