WF 4.0: Extending with Custom Activities

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Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) 4.0 coordinates and manages individual units of work, encapsulated into activities. WF comes with a rich library of activities. Learn how to extend this library by encapsulating your own APIs with custom activities. See how to compose those basic activities into higher level units using rules, flowchart, and state machine control flow styles. Learn how to build your own WF control styles. Learn how to customize and re-host the workflow authoring experience using the new WF designer framework.
  • Matt Winkler
    Matt is currently the program manger focused on building the WF Designer in Visual Studio.



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The Discussion

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    Great insight on what is coming ahead in WF 4.0!!! Kind of like the newer model with Activities inherently being treated as composite activities and WorkflowElement taking the role of "Activity" in WF 3.0 to execute the actual unit of work.

    The re-hosting solution seems much simplified now.

    Great Job!!!


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    Sourabh Jain

    Hi this is really great so if we can see some BI, reporting  or logging related custom activities shipped with WF 4.0 as out of box or some high level activities which can be extended by inheriting from shipped out of box activities instead of creating activities from scratch. Also if we can see some sort of pre and post conditioning activities to validate or process the data or message before it is consumed by the activities.

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