Concurrent Programming with .NET4 Collections

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The Discussion

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    Thanks for the tour of the new concurrent data structures available in .Net 4.0 - some good stuff in there!  I also wanted to thank Steve for his presentation at CINNUG a few weeks back on parallel programming in .Net 4.0.  I enjoyed it greatly and look forward to being able to use some of this on my own projects.

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    This one looks nice.  Not at all like the complete hack job "Countdown Synchronization Primitive" that I do hope they will be telling us has been fixed or removed.

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    Simon Gao

    this presider speaks too fast, we need time to consume the newborn thing whatever they are. So i hope there is a little interval to understand them. Thank you.

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    The bag rocks.


    @Simon Gao: if watching in Windows Media Player, you can slow down the playback using the built in enhancements.

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    I'm curious about what pattern is recommended for when a Try... operation fails.  For example, one might consider this without too much thought:


    string myValue; 
    while(!myQueue.TryDequeue(out myValue)){} 
    //now I have my value...


    Because in that case, I really really needed my value as soon as possible...  Lets say I don't spin on the TryDequeue like above, what are the alternatives?  Timer retry?

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