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Project Jasper is geared toward iterative and agile development. You can start interacting with the data in your database without having to create mapping files or define classes. You can build user interfaces by naming controls according to your model without worrying about binding code. In this interview Shyam Pather, Carl Perry, Andrew Conrad and Jeff Derstadt, go deep whiteboarding and demoing Jasper.



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The Discussion

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    I love the idea of the IronPython shell integrated with Jasper. Nice demo. I just wish that I could move the camera around the shell!
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    Are theses generated methods overloadable? In my experience with SQL, the reason you end-up with all of theses strange, longed named functions and procedures is because overloading is not implemented. When is the last time anyone has seen a class without an overloaded method?
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    Argh. I want all these Orcas tools, and I want them yesterday! Expressionless
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    I have just finished downloading and watching the video. Jasper is very cool!

    I hope you will find a way to make the generated object model available in design-time on Visual Studio.

    On the more conventional aspects, this looks similar to something ASP.NET already solves: How to get access to the page's object model while editing the code-behind file. Of course, what ASP.NET currently does is rather a smart hack and not really dynamic.

    However, as one of you said, providing Intellisense on the names of new controls, classes or methods is uncharted territory. I don't know if/how other convention over configuration framework do this.

    @Carl Perry:  It is nice to have a face to go with your voice!
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    Hmm...kind of looks like sub-sonic. Although sub-sonic is all strongly typed and no late binding.

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    Hello. Smiley

    Is there anything wrong with your camera?
    The movies are not shooting the people faces in it...

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    I'm glad I found this.  I really like how Ruby on Rails does things.  It's good that it's being incorporated into IronPython through Jasper. 
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    I heard a while back that Jasper was discontinued and its code may be used somewhere in ADO.NET.  Any idea where we can learn more about this?

    I'm very much needing to have a datacontext (LINQ or EF) that is created dynamically at runtime based upon a connection string.

    Jason Kergosien

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