C-Language Programming with Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, Pro or VC++ Express

Play C-Language Programming with Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, Pro or VC++ Express

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    how about c99 support ?

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    As far as I can tell the C-Language that Microsoft supports is not fully ANSI-C 1999 compliant.  The best I can tell from the corporate documentation is that the C compiler is compliant up to ANSI-C 1995, but that is only my take from a brief Bing search of the MSDN sites and Microsoft.com sites.


    Even gcc is only compliant to the ANSI-C 95 level as far as I can tell, let me know otherwise.

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    Just attempted a similar review of the GNU site and could not determine if GNU/GCC really isn't at the ANSI-99 level, couldn't determine it with a simple search of the site. 


    It appears that there are non-free tools that do pure ANSI-C 99 development, and make it clear that they do.  As to the no-cost stuff for Microsoft or GNU, there appears to be no firm answer that I can come up with in just a few minutes. 


    If anyone can determine the exact level of either GNU or Microsoft (I am pretty sure it's 1995), please add to this comment tree.



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    GCC is ANSI C95 compliant with the options -std=iso9899:199409 and -pedantic. Detailed info is over here.

    However it's not fully ANSI C99 compliant yet.
    You can check the status on GNU web site over here

    AFAIK, MSVC is a similar case. No detailed info though..

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    Thank you so much to create such nice video w/ voice its really easy to understand.
    Great work!

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    Thank you so much for sharing! This will expedite my class assignment!

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    Thanks Sam for you video. I am hoping you can help me understand something though. I can't seem to find where my executable file is built. Can you help me?

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