Enterprise Deployment Scenarios and Tools for Windows 10

Play Enterprise Deployment Scenarios and Tools for Windows 10

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    Thank you, for your input. It helps teach younger generations what you know.

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    But really, we kindly ask you not to not at this moment do not want to win 10, because of my Star hardware! I tried to win 10, but it did not win 10! Without the touch screen and high-quality microphone and camera, win 10 do not make sense because they can use the Star of hardware only 50% win 10 possibilities! Really thanks! Even the 7/64 will win, I do not have any drivers for hardware, motherboard BIOS, Network Adapter on board is not working, so even harder work to win 10! I really thank you very much, but still Windows 10, but with the new hardware !!!! Andjelko 29. 10. 2015.

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    Francisco Assis Alves

    Um bom canal e com boas opções de informações para um bom aprendizado.
    parabens a todos...

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