Zune Spring Update 2.5 - The Video

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Terry Farrell from the Zune team stopped by the Channel 10 studios today to give us a walk through of exactly the changes you can expect in the new Zune Update.  We've brought you screenshots and cute commercials but Terry delivers the goods.  He takes us through the new zune.net and dives into the software.





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The Discussion

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    Tina! Been trying to get into contact with you, your email (tdub@microsoft.com) doesn't work. My email is info @ g4rewind.com, if you're able to help out some old fans.

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    nice update, really like the integration of the social in terms of showing top listeners of specific artists. makes it easy to connect to people that like the same stuff. also the software seems to run a little snappier.
    but i have one problem, i tried downloading several tv show episodes now and i paid for them with microsoft points. the amount for the episode gets deducted but then i don't get to download the episode and the error message is "you've reached the maximum number of downloads for this item." which is weird since i haven't even started to download yet. when i close the zune software and open it again i got my points back but no tv show though...

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