Inside Xbox: Forza 3 Dyno Session and Interview with Content Manager John Wendl

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There's no fun in "All work and no play", which is exactly why most of us own Xbox 360's.    When the Xbox was released in 2001 in North America there was a lot of skepticism about the console that was competing against the PS2 and Gamecube.  And now over eight years later the Xbox 360 is an enormous success with game developers frequently stating it's their favorite console to develop for.  Since the Xbox 360 is much more than just a gaming console, I'm teaming up with the Xbox team to bring you a new series called "Inside Xbox". You can also watch shorter versions of the videos you will see here, on Channel 9, on "Xbox Live".  Each show will be diving deep into a topic- something you don't get to see anywhere else. 

For the series premiere I teamed up with "Turn 10" for a behind-the-scenes look at Dyno Testing for the upcoming Forza 3 Xbox 360 game.  We bring in a Ford GT and capture the specs and audio which will eventually end up in the game.  I also have a chat with content director John Wendl and talk about the challenges of developing for the 360, we discuss the new engine and simply talk tech:  Visible Tire Deformation, Polygons, Game Engines and Rendering.   

If you have any further show ideas you would like to see for this series let me know.  Some future ideas I have are a look at Project Natal, the technology inside of the Xbox 360 (let's crack one of these babies open, voiding the warranty of course) let's talk to the devs behind Halo ODST and let's connect your Xbox to your Windows Home Server.  This isn't a game review show it's a show for those that want way more than that. 



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The Discussion

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    Nice, a tiny video with a gigantic border around it and annoying background music. Just take the video offline.

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    Sorry, Tina,


    Suffering with letterboxed video on XBOX Live is bad enough. I understand that it saves bandwidth for 360 users but having non-video portions hard coded into a video is never ever welcome.


    Save the video crew some work and give it to the niners sans border, please. If you can get XBOX LIVE to stop doing it too, you'll earn hero status from my perspective.


    As far as the concept of the show, I look forward to what you mention above.

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    Freakin' ridiculous to have a video about the sounds of the Ford GT in Forza AND THEN PLAY CRAPPY MUSIC OVER IT! Guess I'll have to wait to get Forza to actually hear the beautiful music coming from that engine.


    Xbox Live has no trouble streaming full screen stuff. It's blocky, but they're attempting a faux HD look with their streaming video and it just looks stupid.

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    I couldn't agree more about the border.   I was disappointed myself with how small it plays this morning.  I played it full screen myself.  Regardless, the border/graphics issue is being fixed for next time.  Thanks for the feedback.



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    i think thats a little harsh zippy Smiley ping was not well recived in the beginning either(by myself included, and i was a little harsh as well) but its evolved into a pretty good show.


    i personally welcome gaming, pc included, on channel9 (esp. project natal stuff, pleasepleaseplease Smiley )  the borders are annoying but you know that already. i think this can be a great show if it dives into slighly more technical stuff about the xbox and games. i dont mean code necessarily, but like how games are designed, upcoming stuff in the xbox ui and the design of that, what makes fun and interesting gameplay and how to design that, maybe some inside game info from the studios (kinda like this one)


    but then again, i am a dev so im very interested in the developer stuff also:) xna.. silverlight on xbox.. stuff like that Smiley i think show could have room for both. Both are really needed to make good games imo



    oh and techdemos of new graphics engines should also be on the show Wink

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    I don't think this video should be on Channel 9. I'm still not convinced Ping isn't too low brow either. The thing is if I compare this video to the classic Brian Beckman video looking on the physics of car tire modeling in Forza then there is a world of difference. I'm not sure I'd expect say Erik Meijer to pop up in a video on XLBA hawking XNA and likewise I don't really want to see what amounts of Xbox fluff on Channel 9 - unless you're really going to bring a whiteboard into it and get down to the details.


    [Oh, I'm a long time Xbox / Xbox 360 owner, indeed several of the later - so this is not a anti-games rant, it's quality rant.]

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    Hey dot_tom,


    First off, thanks for the feedback. Smiley


    In terms of content, the #1 piece of feedback that we got from niners was that they wanted more - more Erik Meijer, more Windows, more screencasts, more Microsoft culture, more conversations with interesting people (Bill Hill) - really more everything. Not all niners are developers and not every video will appeal to everyone. Our goal is to get the inside scoop for content that would be interesting for geeks and developers.  Brian's video on the physics of Forza is awesome (really anything with Brian Beckman is), and we're going to continue doing lots of those videos. We're also going to add back a lot of videos that we used to do before, covering a broader array of Microsoft technology, like Scoble's interview of Larry Hyrb showing off Xbox Live that had no code or whiteboarding, or just conversations with interesting people in technology - it's not going to be all about software development.


    All that being said, there's a fine line between content being interesting to geeks and "marketing fluff" which we clearly don't want. This is a new series so feel free to share your ideas on geeky stuff that you'd like to see Tina cover in the future.


    Oh and @Al - We're with you on the Project Natal video content. I can promise you we'll cover on Channel 9, I just can't promise you *when* Smiley





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    I believe C9 is a great marketing channel for Microsoft, because it's honest and shows that ms has some really great minds working on interesting things. It's great marketing precisely because it's not this kind of shows. This show and ping is exactly what C9 don't need. I want interesting questions about interesting things from experts in their fields, not presenters shouting marketing fluff to rockmusic.

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    Thanks for taking the time to post RobertL.  Dan is right, we don't want marketing fluff but we do want and need to expand our audience.  Channel 9 will continue to bring the videos that you appreciate. It is not changing but it is growing and that is something we have to do.  You mention Ping as a marketing show.  I don't believe Laura has ever even worked with Marketing on producing that show and what that show has done is helped bring new viewers to channel 9 who never knew it existed in the first place.  That's what is so great about this medium everybody appreciates different styles.  Allow us to grow and try new things and bring in new people.  I promise you won't start seeing celebrity news or two minute videos on release dates or how to take your computer out of its box but I ask you to keep an open mind to new ideas and fresh perspectives.  Some of the things we try will fail and some will succeed but it takes time and it takes people like you who care to tell us how we're doing so thank you.  Also, I would love to hear from you or anybody else about what you didn't get out of this video from a content perspective.  What would you have asked John, Adam or Greg?   Forget the music and graphics and the packaging of the piece.  I think in the future it would be great for me to post what videos I am going to do and then reach out to you and the rest of the community about the questions you would like to see answered.  Then maybe we can all grow together. 





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    awsome Wink that thing could be as a fundemental change as the mouse

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