Agile Planning Templates in Visual Studio Team System 2010

Play Agile Planning Templates in Visual Studio Team System 2010

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    Hi Zeo - for some additional context Ameya and Siddharth's videos do a good job of painting the rest of the workflow context around this.

    We'll also be working on more in-depth videos in the future for you. Thanks for watching. Smiley

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    Stephanie Saad
    Yep - agree. It would be fun to do a longer video on all the excel features, including agile planning in excel complete with format persistence (so cool Smiley ) AND all the awesome new excel reporting features. I really like how the quick excel reporting works together with the Excel Services-based dashboards. It's incredibly quick now to create really powerful dashboards on all your data. Shoot, I didn't mean to type such a long reply, I just really like the features. Smiley We can talk with Brian about doing another demo here.


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