Enterprise Team Foundation Server Management with Mario Rodriguez

Play Enterprise Team Foundation Server Management with Mario Rodriguez

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    This all sounds excellently. Here is where I hope this is going: Please offer hosted TFS. It seems that you are doing a lot of the groundwork for enabling this. Ideally this would be done under the same group that does offer this for Sharepoint and Exchange already, given that you would have the Sharepoint part covered already then, plus all the identity stuff would also already be covered.

    I love TFS, but really I don't want to bother with the admin of it at all, and so a hosted version would be fantastic, in particular also for smaller shops for either TFS 2008 or the new stuff is simply too much overhead.
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    Hi David,

    We've been hosting TFS for clients large and small for almost 2 years, (first in North America).  It's called "TeamDevCentral", (TDC).

    We are a certified MS partner and providing free trials in partnership with MS.  Use Option 2 for a hosted trial:


    If you're interested in an established, reliable and secure hosted TFS solution, you can also visit us at directly at:



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