Manual Testing with Visual Studio Team System 2010

Play Manual Testing with Visual Studio Team System 2010

The Discussion

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         1) Can the Team Test system be used to test legacy(already existing) VB6 code?

         2) Does Team Test have a way to simulate manipulating a legacy VB6 GUI, e.g. filling in dialog boxes, push GUI buttons, read the contents of dialog boxes, etc?

    Regards, Vasili
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    Sorry for the slow response, I just noticed this...

    You can write and execute test cases against VB6, but you won't get any of the test automation integration.

    The final list of supported technology stacks is still being determined. It will include WPF, Windows Forms, and Web for certain and the team is working on others.
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    hi .. I am interested in knowing whether VSTS2010 web tests support. Validation testing . for example I have an employeesave page that has Firstname and Lastname as mandatory fields. if user clicks on save button and fields firstname and lastname are not entered then it gives message saying please enter firstname and lastname .. Does VSTS 2010 supports this testing ?

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