Visual C++ 10: 10 is the new 6

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    So in the UI space you've given us more verbose intellisense and a zoom feature? Don't spoil us too much guys.
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    Sven Groot
    I must say I find this "10 is the new 6" theme very confusing. If I recall Visual C++ 6, I recall not only a productive development environment, but I also remember a compiler that gave me a lot of headaches. VC6 is a release hated by many C++ developers for its non-compliance. I'm not sure if that's the image you really want to conjure up here.
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    my thoughts exactly (well.. part of my thoughts. i have lots of positive ones regarding the compiler itself for this version). just compare that to what the managed crowd will get (or already has got). i know native c++ is an entirely different and more difficult playing field. but right now the sort of hype that's generated does not really involve native c++ but the managed world mostly. and iso language features arent visual studio features either. implementing iso standards (and not even fully implementing them..... and im not thinking of export template) is not a feature or anything noteworthy for me. its a requirement. comeau does it for 50 bucks (well.. no lambda support yet, but just wait a few weeks/months), gcc does it for free (soon-ish... i grant you that). so i need innovation in the IDE space.
    and as "Cache" put it, zoom isnt the holy grail there.

    this did sound a bit negative i know Wink and of course its not meant as a personal attack or anything like that. im just a bit frustrated that essentially i could take a better notepad and have the same c++ support as in vs (well... not quite.. but you get my drift i guess). and implementing iso standards isnt a plus either. its a requirement like IE being standards compliant. its nothing to base your hype on (dont like the word hype myself.. but i dont know of anything better... but i mean "evangelism" i guess. which i dont like either Wink)

    cheers there and thanks for your vs 2010 coverage!
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    I was very excited to see the title of this video, but having watched it, the title seems very missleading.

    I use 2005 at work, but still do most of my home coding on vs6, the editor is better and "quick" macros are! Yes, the standard compliance of the compiler is practically non-existant, but I can write code for hours without once shouting at the editor to "speed up".

    The reason I like vs6 is that the IDE is so clean and fast and when I select c++ in the help, I get c++ not managed/c#. If I select full-screen, that is what i get. When I select "no" tool bars and put the menu bar on the right, I have practically the full height of the screen.

    I was really hoping that from the title that my first view of 2010 would get me very enthusiastic and a bit sad that until all the consoles update, I will be stuck with 2005.

    I agree with most of mwirth's points and in a similar vein, was hoping that the new MFC would be an easier to use/extend MFC, not more work for me and vista support in an office of 150+ XP machines.

    That seems quite negative doesn't it, it is probably just the ludite in me. The videos are a great idea.

    A couple of MSDN requests: please have sepparate c++ and managed c++ filters and please show both the correct include file and lib for each function/type.

    Thanks for listening,
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    I think despite its horrible standards support, visual c++ 6 has been the most widely used version of visual C++. Still 12 years later most open source projects still  only support that compiler for windows LOL
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    I thought that VS2008 was the new 6 soooo doesn't that make 2010 the new 7 ?  Wink
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    visual c++ 6 is so fast

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    I hope they can get VS2010 IDE up to the speed and responsivness of VS6.

    The B1 is slow, but Rico and the various teams will hopefully address most of these perf issues.

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    In the first build of the demo app, you will notice that Amit builds the solution, and then tries to run it.  But a dialog pops up that says the application is not up to date.  [EVEN THOUGH HE JUST BUILT THE SOLUTION]  He quickly rebuilds it again, and runs the application.

    This is a long standing bug that many people have mentioned as a flaw in Visual Studio C++.

    It is not a show stopper, but it deserves to be investigated and fixed before 2010 is released for two reasons:

    1) If you leave it in, then developers will be discouraged from reporting errors.

    2) It can't be that hard to fix. 

    If I had to guess, I would look at the situation in which dependent files were created in the same minute as the source files.

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    Really I found that new VC++ 10 is more times slower that all latest IDEs (2002 - 2008), I don't feel that perfomance is main skill for this text editor.

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