How To: Setup and use File History on Windows 8

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    Just remember that File History is what it says, FILES.  Your programs are not backed up.  In order to do that, you need to use the "Windows 7 File Recovery" mentioned near the end of the blog post.

    However, there ARE some important differences for "Windows 7 File Recovery" in Windows 8. 

    First, the recovery partition now has to be 350MB, which is larger than Windows 7 used.  If you upgrade a Windows 7 machine and your System Image fails, this is likely the cause.  Find a 3rd party tool that can expand it or do a clean install and it's fixed.

    Second, the recovery disc is now UEFI boot.  This means if you have an ultrabook and don't use optical drives, the "Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool" Microsoft provided for Window 7 will fail to create a bootable USB Flash drive from your recovery disc for you.  Microsoft hasn't bothered to update it.

    Speaking of that, can anyone recommend a tustworthy took that can create a bootable EFI Win 8 Recovery USB Stick from the ISO?  Anyone know WHY Microsoft doesn't just let us choose a USB Flash drive to store our Recovery Disk to?  Let's hope Microsoft realizes it's a optical disc free world faster than they did for floppy drives...

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